You can grill healthy. I’ll tell you how. I’ll also share more on America’s views of business and labor. Then I’ll give you some tips on buying a high definition TV.

Have you been wondering what vegetarianism is about? Here’s your chance to find out. And pregnant moms and moms-to-be can find out how to take of baby before he/she is born.
Dr. Shelia Dugan has been providing outstanding care and information regarding women’s health and rehabilitation. I’ll re-broadcast our previous discussion

In addition to finding what’s real and what’s not when it comes to carpal tunnel syndrome, we’ll get more information about the world of sports when Sharn Vericella joins me. Then I’ll help us learn how we can join God in properly shaping our hearts.

Let’s see what else the futurists are planning for our future. Then let’s look into dreams. What are they about any way? Finally, let’s find out why we can rejoice when the minimum wage is fair.

Find out where the healthier waters are before you head to the beach then find out how to reposition your brand.
Then hear Tawanna Williams, born without arms she has plenty of power to inspire!

Myra Frye helps T. Wayne the Builder as he builds across America. She’ll tell us about a recent building expedition that brought them from two different parts of the country.
We’ll also deal with carpal tunnel syndrome among other topics.

Is it really a good idea to cut out food support to American families? Let’s look into it with open hearts. Then find out if exercise can help insomniacs and whether pollution is harmful to our health or not a factor at all.

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