We’ll have a simulcast from WTHB 96.9FM during Labor Day.

Now that we’re coming back from the Labor Day break, I’m finally going to tell you why we need to take that vacation. Then let’s find out more about Africa’s improving business climate and the why and how we should value our planet. A businessman helps provide the motivation for business leaders as well as [...]

I’ll tell you more about American views of abortion and reproduction alternatives. Next I’ll tell you about a successful experiment that literally brought two minds together as we look Into the Future.
I’ll again share the conversation I had with Katrina Brown who gave real world insights on what to do once we’ve committed our lives [...]

Let’s continue to see how violence can be reduced among all ages, especially our youth, then explore the possibility of living to be 120 or older. Because more of us are caring about our earth, we’ll find out more about making our homes greener.

On today’s Power Friday find out about business Power, how some of America’s wealthy are living and how you or a loved one can prepare for that important interview.

Would you like to live to be 120 years old? Find out more about what people are saying about this. Then fasten up for fast-paced news (at a pace faster than usual for the program).
Dr. Christopher McKinney is overseeing an interesting program at Georgia Regents University that has to do with innovation. Be ready to [...]

Get more details on who benefits from minimum wage increases so your position can be based on facts and compassion rather than more hostile emotion. Then be ready to jot down ways of dealing with violence. Finally have that smartphone ready to note why you have to take vacations!

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