Do shutdowns of the government help or hurt American citizens, businesses, markets…? The verdict is in; humans are the ones causing climate change. How is it impacting us now and how will it do so later?

Among today’s topics, a courage and honest look at how we’re treating catchy phrases used in political discussions and several interesting items in this week’s edition of Newsorite, news from around the world.

We’ll continue to journey with Abraham and get some clues as to how to prepare for promises God has made to us.
Later, Wendi Stroud will discuss the importance of insurance.

After taking another look into the future and finding out how we can reduce violence, let’s find out some interesting facts about sleepy time.

Our authors are still inspiring us! Then we’ll get some intriguing and real-world insights from CEO’s on hiring the right person. We’ll also get the complete picture (fill in holes) so that we see how ObamaCare will really impact our young adults.

I’ll try to help us maintain good health by passing on some recalls of items that could be harmful to our health, including the health of babies.
Tired of bedbugs?

Africa still has problems but the continent is also on the rise. We’ll discuss this, the status of economies around the world, and, for Health Matters, allergens that cause problems during the fall.

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