We’ll start the week off with an intriguing look at practices outside America that deal with reproduction. Then we’ll learn more about an American staple - milk.

As America prepares for one of the most popular nights out, Halloween, I want to share some cautionary notes. Then we’ll see how the Jewish community defines itself today. We’ll also consider whether reports/surveys fully account for those who make up the homosexual community.

We’re learning a lot from Abraham’s journey to the promise. We’ll also take a look at how the Jewish community defines itself in 21st century America.

One of the topics we’ll focus on as we look into the future is preparation for future retirement. We’ll also get tips on reducing violence and ways to maybe have something done about information stored on digital sites after you’re gone.

For today’s Power Friday, let’s find out how we can eat good and healthy, strengthen our brand, and strengthen our willpower.

Dr. Caroline DiBattisto, physician at Georgia Regents University, specializes in autism. She’ll help gain a better understanding of this disorder and how to cope with it.
Then we’ll decide whether cutting benefits/assistance to our nation’s poor and middle class is destructive or constructive.

Among today’s topics will be a discussion of great things happening in Africa and an extreme position on abortion.

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