We’ll look into several interesting topics today, including the power of our willpower, how we can eat “good” (even during the holidays), and how teens cope with social phobias.

Two of the topics we’ll explore today have to do with how well the homosexual community is accounted for and questions about height.

Let’s continue our journey with Abraham while we also note reasons to give thanks.
Lisa Brown is very skillful and graceful in conveying the dilemma for people of faith who struggle with depression. She tells us the way out also.

We’ll simulcast music from our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise and Inspiration Station.

We’ll be simulcasting more music from 96.9FM.

We’ll look more at how the Jewish community self-identifies in 21st century America. We’ll also hear from the United Way’s Rina Powell and LaVerne Gold.

Matthew Dunaway has some tremendous insights on living while Mr. and Mrs. Darracort bring Real Talk About Real Relationships.

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