Candyce Haynes is a successful businesswoman and motivational speaker who is  going to tell us how and why to sacrifice in order to get what we want.
Sean Manley is going to join us again to continue unfolding how we can release and benefit from the power of our minds.

Hispanics and Asian Americans have their views about immigration.
Velton Showell, III is a motivational speaker who is going to tell us how to improve in sales and entrepreneurship.

Let’s delve into Abraham’s ultimate test and what it means to us. Then let’s see how climate change is affecting life on earth.

We’ll look into the future of chocolates and bicycles and gain some understanding of the connection between what we “sense” and what we see.

There are some traits that can signal that we may not be ready to lead. Let’s find out what some are, then find out why some small business owners are optimistic about 2014. Then we’ll be ready to explore sweet love.

In commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King’s works, we’ll simulcast music from the Praise and Inspiration sister station.

There are some who teach that once we (specifically Christians) begin to exercise our faith, we don’t need to persevere. Let’s examine this.
Then let’s receive inspiration to be the best parent we can truly be as I share new findings that prove that a father’s love is at least as significant as a mother’s love. [...]

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