Let’s continue our bold, honest look at how we’re doing when it comes to the way we respond to natural disasters. Then let’s get some news from around the world at our atypical fast pace.

We’ll have several topics to discuss, including the types of vitamins that are good especially for boomers.

We’ll get some points that have to do with life’s pivotal moments. Then let’s find out what’s happening with Africa’s growing population of young adults.

You’ll probably be surprised when you find out what can trigger asthma attacks.
Let’s see what else the future holds.

What? We can be addicted to debt?! Let’s get the 411 on this then be empowered to stay positive!

Our world has been experiencing quite a few natural disasters; people have various ways of responding to them. Throughout history, some people have become scared, some puzzled. Some people have examined possible reasons behind the disasters and mocked. How are we responding in the face of historic and current natural disasters?
Serron Smith has spent years [...]

Teens, what impact do energy drinks have on you?
Let’s share some Metro Moments that will enlighten us on various issues.

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