Among today’s topics will be two that are pretty significant for many people. We’ll look at autism which affects many families. We’ll have the first of this week’s looks at felony convictions. Should people who have been convicted of felonies be allowed to vote at any point after serving their time?
I’ll also speak with Ms. [...]

Which foods should we consider buying as organic? We’ll explore that.
Then I’ll speak with Dr. Mark Nagel, Sports and Entertainment Expert at the University of South Carolina. On our roster for today - March Madness!
Then let’s weigh more pros and cons of those convicted of felonies being denied the right to vote.

Join me as I discuss more songs from the bible that illustrate pivotal moments orchestrated by God and how His people respond to victory in those moments. Then the drones will be another topic for the day.

The future has a lot in store; we’ll find out what else is around the corner. Then let’s examine more of our eating habits and what we might want to limit.
Anne Henry joins us to discuss sexual assault.
Then let’s take our final look at felons and the right to vote debate.

Time for another Power Friday! Let’s consider some places to start a business, how you can move your life forward, and how some of the wealthy are living.

Let’s take a journey that can help us appreciate the wonderful world of music and love. Then let’s see what’s happening with our water in a time of declining water supplies and increasing climate change.

Let’s see which foods are better if purchased as organics versus conventional.
When it comes to our health and fitness, many will sweat for benefits while others will simply pop a pill while still others do both. When it comes to male health needs, how do the supplements work out? We’ll explore this and then see [...]

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