Today I’ll tell you about some great summer spots for you and your children. I’ll also begin several discussion series that will center on food poisoning, the future of healthcare, and medicaid.

What do most Americans think about the bible? Where are most likely to be hit by food poisoning? What’s the future of healthcare?

We’ll learn more about life’s pivotal points. We’ll also hear more facts about medicaid expansion so you can decide whether it’s good or bad.

Have you picked up on some of the plans for healthcare? We’ll hear about that and where the church stands in America. Then let’s get some more information about food poisoning.

On Power Friday we’ll conclude discussions about medicaid expansion and the future of health practices. We’ll also see how we can get moving in life when we’re stuck.

Let’s practice engaging compassion and integrity as we determine whether it’s constitutional to deny voting rights for life once a person has finished paying consequences for felony crimes. Then let’s see another reason some people say a dog is a man’s best friend. And let’s meet another queen. Africa’s queen of talk and network owner, [...]

Topics today will include more on whether people who have been convicted of felonies and served their time and completed their parole  be allowed to vote? Then we’ll find out what America thinks about the bible. Many mothers love their babies but do they sometimes stress them out?

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