We’ll simulcast our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise and Inspiration Station. Happy Memorial Day!

After we conclude our discussion on clutter, let’s talk about being inspired. Who inspires? How are we inspired? Why are we willing to be inspired?

We often talk about faith; let’s look at the power of hope. Then let’s find out whether there’s a connection between adult stress and teens.

Do teens experience anxiety or are they anxiety-proof? We’ll answer that then look into the future. Last but not least, we’ll begin to explore the timing of the experience of joy. Have your thinking caps on!

For Power Friday two of the subjects we’ll look into deal with parenting tips that benefit the parents and the children (including teens) and the connection between stress and sex.

Is clutter a probably in your home?
How’s the parenting going?

Following up on my conversation about clutter and hoarding, I’ll discuss OCD. Then I’ll take us on an exploration of how teens are responding to adult stress.

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