Two of the topics we’ll look at today include more on planning for end-of-life matters and some plans for our cable that you may not know about.

Let’s see if we can minimize our schisms by seeing how much trouble they may cause us down the road. Then we’ll look at our climate situation and end up getting Inspired.

More on the power of hope! Then let’s get inspired by the academic achievements of some of our celebs. I’ll also give you some more travel info. African restaurants you can visit in New York.

I’ll share the connections between spirituality and health from head to toe. Then let’s find out which black-owned businesses have made it to the top this year. We’ll close out the day by answering more questions regarding the times for joy.

We’ll simulcast with our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise and Inspiration Station. Happy Independence Day!

During the first hour I’ll share some points on developing a fulfilling love relationship.
Stacy N.C. Gant is a motivational speaker who knows how to empower. Check out her powerful insights.

Today you get the opportunity to hear from two people who know what it is to experience tremendous lows and finally move up and out. Let them motivate us to do the same.

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