How are your eyes? Let’s talk about things like macular degeneration.
We’ll hear from Denise Cornegay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at Georgia Regents University and Executive Director of Georgia Statewide AHEC Network. She will discuss the partnership between the two organizations and an award they recently won.
Michelle Rickett is founder [...]

Do you or someone you know have concerns about razor bumps? I’ll give the 411 on the solutions to this problem today. I’ll also lead us on a walk into the future (rather than down memory lane). Let’s see what we think about some of the predictions. Then let’s get inspired to inspire!

I began a discussion regarding our access to God entitled “You May Now Approach.” It’s giving us significant tips related to the attitude with which the Supreme One is to be approached now that we’ve begun to conclude that God does invite us to approach. I will bring a previous discussion to the table today [...]

You’ll hear Part 2 of Dr. Millender’s account of Haiti’s triumph and tragedy as part of today’s Summer Blast.

Listen in to hear which topic(s) and or guest(s) will be highlighted from previous conversations.

Of the topics discussed today, one will have to do with the screens our teens watch. Another will prep us for an upcoming pop quiz: high blood pressure info. Have your thinking caps on!

Dr. Valorie Parker will join us again to discuss care of the soul.
Other topics will include some of the nation’s best hospitals and how to help your baby sleep well.

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