This week’s primary focus will be resilience and I’ll start it off with a discussion of ways to help our middle school children deal with stress (battle fatigue…) Then we’ll see how an invitation for the rich to attend the Emmy’s and Oscar’s can help them gain great gifts even if they don’t win any [...]

Today is not Friday but it will be a day of power. In addressing the power of resiliency, I’ll take a look back at Bouncing Back. Then we’ll continue with the past blasts as I bring back a previous conversation with motivational speaker Evelyn Polk.

On this week’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives we’ll continue our examination of properly approaching the most exciting person in His world: the Creator. Then we’ll get some important information on properly medicating and why. Also as we follow our children’s developmental stages, I’m going to back up for a minute and cover the stage I [...]

Today we’ll take a look at more predictions and determine which ones we think are likely to take place. We’ll also explore ways to take some of the pain out of small business tax.

Let’s give our children more power this Power Friday by helping them lose the stress. Let’s also find out more ways to spend some vacation time.

For more blasts, let’s hear from Greg Collier. Then let’s revisit a very enlightening conversation with Dr. Jerrold Post who explains the intersecting of politics and psychology.

Today among the topics we’ll explore are the impact of the reduction of federal corporate taxes and job creation and a final look at how parents can inspire our children.

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