Happiness, xenotransplantation, and self-forgiveness. What a powerful combination of topics to start the week!

Of the several topics we’ll discuss today, two have to do with helping our children become more resilient in the face of life difficulties and implants that may heal.

Let’s continue to explore our approach to our Great Creator as individuals and as a collective body. Then we’ll hear from Augusta native and radio personality Lady T. who is on a mission to help develop our teens.Then we’ve got to get back to those all-important developmental stages of homo sapiens. The focus will be [...]

Today in addition to looking into the future, we’ll continue our examination of the well-being of college graduates with a special focus on black grads. and we’ll see how media multitasking affects us.

We’re finding out that there are quite a few traits that lead to entrepreneurial success. We’re also going to make more discoveries on how to be happy.
Also, we’ve been hearing about the Ebola virus breakout that has hit several countries in Africa. Let’s go back to a prior conversation I had with Dr. Laura Seay [...]

Let’s look at a few more exotic places to travel to (be ready to imagine yourself exercising). Then let’s hear more about what people are saying about America’s economy and the jobs connection. Then let’s end the day by continuing our discussion of the power and necessity of forgiving ourselves.

For Sports Time let’s talk through relationships in sports and see if we can come up with a fair and comprehensive way of looking at and, possibly, coming up with solutions to the problem of abuse/mistreatment among the couples when one is a professional athlete.
I know we remember the Maddoff scandal. How were people hurt [...]

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