To start our week we’ll learn more about how to make happiness a lifestyle and, later, continue being empowered to experience refreshing freedom by forgiving ourselves. I’ll also speak with Beth Spangler who is making a mark on NBC’s The Voice as she prepares to transition from a medical career to a music career!

Today we’ll find out what some fitness trends (not fads) are. We’ll also gain more insights on how to help our children thrive in a stressful world. Then let’s get ready to put on our American hats and open hearts of compassion as we honestly examine where America has been and currently is with regards [...]

God really has a tremendous and eternal gift for everyone who is willing to enter and remain in His presence. I’ll  share more about this vision that will come true. Then I’ll share more information regarding ways to enjoy our toddlers.

Let’s find out what else the future holds for us. Then let’s get the scoop on drugs.

Dr. Walter Thompson lives the life he encourages other to live. He exercises!
Let’s continue to see how we can become better people improving our relationships.

We can make happiness a lifestyle no matter what our emotional starting point.
The economy is still being beat up a bit. But the deficit is down. Unemployment is down. Are small business owners feeling fulfilled?
After discussing the above topics, let’s continue our efforts to be empowered to do that which is difficult for many: forgive [...]

Get some more tips on how to help our children cope and maybe even thrive in a world filled with stress. Then let’s get ready to spend some time taking a close look at America’s experience (ongoing experiment?) with assimilation. Is it fact or fiction? Are we really trying to make it happen? What enhances [...]

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