After getting more information regarding ways to improve study habits of our children with ADHD, let’s find out where we can when we want to eat out and eat healthy. Afterwards we’ll continue our journey  to self-forgiveness.

There is tremendous benefit in being thankful.
Are most Americans really bothered by the ever-worsening income gap?
Faye Lawson has some great insights from a previous conversation.

I plan to share a great Spiritual Perspectives Playback. Then we’ll hear a previous conversation I had with Jerry Gonzales who shared some encouraging information regarding diversity.

On this Thanksgiving Day I’ll simulcast inspirational songs from our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise and Inspiration Station.

On our last Power Friday for the month we’ll look at the power of authenticity, the beauty of rejecting drugs, and the joy of working past obstacles to satifying relationships.

Which is better for us: strong prison systems or strong educational systems? We’ll explore this then move to a different educational matter: helping our children with ADHD. Let’s end the day being motivated to forgive ourselves.

Are you still deciding whether you prefer a strong prison system or a strong educational system? I’ll share more information about these systems that may help. Then let’s move bravely and honestly through our look into America’s assimilation. Afterwards I’ll give you information about signing up for healthcare for those who need the coverage.
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