After hearing some alternative ways to buy healthy mattresses, let’s find out what’s happening in the world of marriage.

Today I’ll share some very interesting conversations I previously had with Kenny Pugh. One will focus on finances, the other will focus on relationships. They’re both powerful so catch as much as you can.

After taking our biblical journey through life, I’ll share some info. that helps reveal what New Year is about around the world as we examine the world community take on New Year’s Day.

We’ll offer music from our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise and Inspiration Station.
Happy New Year!

Is there a healthy way to eat to reduce stress and avoid packing on the fat?
What else can we do to make our relationships beautiful?

As we start this week of some of the program’s previous interview highlights, I’ll bring out Lauren Meccia with her beautiful vocals heard on her debut CD Inside Your Eyes. We’re joined by great bassist Mike Frost.
Keeping the power flowing will be Velton Showell, III who shared a thought-provoking, inspirational message earlier in the year.

We have three ladies who are going to get us going. Dr. Caroline DiBattisto shares some very helpful tips on working with children with autism.
Then we’ll hear the great voice of Beth Spangler, contestant on The Voice.
Trish Luna-Dialva will keep us going as we revisit her powerful message of inspiration.

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