During the commemoration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday we’ll simulcast inspirational music with our sister station WTHB 96.9FM.

There’s power in music! I’ll let you hear about that as I re-broadcast a previous conversation I had with renowned music therapist, Dr. Deforia Lane.
Then let’s prepare to come together with the Hispanic community as I also re-broadcast I had with Elida Perez-Knapp who sheds some light on challenges and strengths of the Hispanic community.

Let restoration continue!
Then let’s continue to weigh the pros and cons of strong prison systems vs strong school systems.

We’ll look into the future and see how fracking may affect us in days to come. We’ll also peek into the proposal to educate Americans free of charge at community colleges. Then we’ll see how we’re looking with regards to relationships in the melting pot.

For this week’s Power Friday, the focus will be on business, including doing business in Africa and Black Enterprise’s Top 40 Diversity List.

Let’s examine several issues that have to do with health, including teens and binge-drinking, then see what’s been happening in the world of sports.

Often people from various parts of the world come together with a nation when tragedy strikes. Let’s see how that has recently played out in Paris. Then let’s take a look around the world and check out various events as we go on another Newsorite™ journey where we mention events with little, if any, commentary [...]

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