What role can men play in reducing birth defects?
There’s more to beauty than meets the eye.
Jacque Starks will join me to discuss the educational challenges faced by African-American and Latino males.

Today we’ll conclude our comparison of tech books vs text books for K-12. Then we’ll begin a two-part look into online religion. Do you think online is a plus or minus for religion? We’ll also imagine a real turbine that is quieter and more attractive than the wind turbines we’re accustomed to seeing. Then let’s [...]

We’ll take another journey through life from a biblical perspective. Then we’ll see how solar power is becoming more viable. Finally, we’ll celebrate more successful women.

Let’s see what else is in store for brain backups, some interesting events of 2014, and the significance of online religion.

Weather has impact in more ways than one!
If you’re ready to build your new home, consider building green.
What’s the most you’d be willing to spend or receive for an engagement ring?

Let’s take a unique journey along the course of the history, present and future of the black community.  Then let’s find out some causes and possible preventions of birth defects. Also are you ready to spend some money? Con

More opportunity to find out how to reduce the risk of birth defects and decide whether tablets or traditional textbooks are better for our K-12 students. Then let’s see where we can spend some of our good money. Cars!

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