What can we (and others) learn about us just by looking at our faces? Have you ever felt lonely? How long? Did it affect you?

Have you discovered what your face tells you (and maybe others) about yourself? What power does loneliness have?

For spiritual perspectives this week we’ll see what pastors say they applaud and regret about the way they raised their children. You may be surprised to learn which entertainers are preachers’ kids (P.K.’s). Also we know times are stressful. Are we engaging in activities that add to the stress? Then get the word on Pi! [...]

We’ll continue our examination of the impact that specific ideas will have on our economy. Then we’ll conclude our look at stress factors and begin a look at how to de-stress.

Dr. Gregory Postma is an expert in the field of otolaryngology and he will be joined by Speech Pathologist, Mrs. Laura Enloe, both of Georgia Regents University. They will discuss matters of the voice and some very significant upcoming events.
Dr. Lisa Firestone and I have rescheduled and she will draw upon her many years of [...]

Let’s see how buildings may come about in the future and what they may be able to do once they’re up. Also, more about the power of drones. And we know there’s a lot going on in the world: much good, much not good. Overall, are we still happy?

We’re still seeing what non-partisan experts are saying about some of the partisan proposals for our economy. Also, can we help people with bi-polar disorder if we’re not trained professionals? In addition to answering that question, let’s look more at what people around the world are saying about their happiness.

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