Fish can swim fast but there are some that can really move!
Gaylord Jenkins spent approximately 30 years traveling throughout Europe as a professional model. She will join me to discuss her career, the industry, and more.

There’s a very common sound that many make that can spell trouble for the heart.
Technology and the future seem to be going hand in hand.

After we look at life from a biblical perspective we’ll see how our decisions are determined.

We have a lot to look into regarding the future today.

Two of the very interesting topics for Power Friday include more on love and how they’re living in Africa, a place where we may not equate with billionaires.

Today we’ll conclude this look into where the world’s religions are headed. We’ll also examine the connection between HIV and heart disease.

Why do so many say a dog is man’s best friend? Is the relationship more than skin deep? What’s behind the rise in cancer in young adults, particularly with our ladies?

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