Is there really anything to laughter? Let’s explore that today. Then let’s begin our look at how we can recover from disasters.

It can seem like a drag but finding out how to reduce child abuse can actually be empowering. After we see how, we’ll find out more about the benefits being experienced in the states where the leaders have expanded medicaid. You’ll also get a chance to discover how business ideas go beyond being good to [...]

Dr. Kevin Leman is an expert who has shared a wealth of information regarding nurturing our families. Today he’ll tell us how we can stand out as leaders as he shares insights from his book The Way of the Shepherd, Seven Secrets to Managing Productive People.
We’ll also see how our soldiers can develop resilience that [...]

Into the Future will take us into the debate over population’s connection to climate change and more. We’ll also hear what Americans are saying about our healthcare.

Earlier this week we looked at recovering from disaster. Today we’ll see how we can recover from the stressors of war. We’ll also look at an expert’s tips on building a good marriage: from a psychological perspective.
Dr. Lyndsey Hornbuckle is an expert in the field of health and fitness. I’ll speak with her about exercise [...]

Celebrate Memorial Day as we simulcast inspirational music from our sister station, WTHB 96.9FM, Your Praise & Inspiration Station.

Among today’s discussions will be the continuation of ways to reduce abuse of our precious children and, regarding Health Matters, the question of whether medicaid expansion is having an impact and, if so, positive or negative in addition to what Americans are saying about healthcare in our country.

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