They are young but our children can be empowered. I’ll share how.

There’s more to the office than meets the eye. On guard!
They are precious in His sight. So the violence against women needs to be shut down.

We’ll look at life from a biblical perspective then see why we really need to deal with cynicism.

Let’s peak into the future of the connection between devices and our moods. Then I’ll share what’s behind the big money being made at the box office. Then get ready for take-off as we see what’s happening around the world.

On today’s edition of Power Friday I’ll introduce you to some of the world’s awesome senior citizens and tell you how to finish what you start.

They promise to take us to new heights with the wave of new artificial intelligence.
Trish Dialva shared some powerful, motivational moments. Hear them for yourself.

What are your concerns, if any, about the wave of artificial intelligence coming our way?
If you missed my conversation with Nikki Giovanni, you get a chance to catch it today.

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