Among today’s topics will be diversity. Dr. Quincy Byrdsong, a diversity expert at Georgia Regents University, will discuss the power of diversity and an upcoming diversity summit.
We’ll also see if there are some specific benefits to children being fit.

How can one or two drinks a day impact men and women? What impact does religion have on our brains? We’ll look for answers to both of these questions today.

We’ll continue to explore the biblical perspective of same-sex marriage. Then we’ll examine whether all energy is the same.

What else in our future? How does our food affect our brains? Two worlds, two lives. One  life. What are the barriers to the merging of the two?

Today I’ll bring several guests to you.
I will speak with Chris Stone who will discuss the mission of  Faith Driven Consumer and how they go about rating movies and businesses with regards to matters of interest to people who rank their faith high on their list of life priorities.
Dr. Leila Clay will speak with me [...]

Three of the topics we’ll address today include social security, what it’s about; whether proposals about our poor help or hurt them; and what dementia is.

Today let’s study proposals that are made, reportedly, for the purpose of helping our poor, how we can make a beautiful country more beautiful, and the challenges of dealing with dementia.

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