Let’s fly around the world and inspect world events. Then let’s see what our images look like and discover how we can change them if needed.

We really need to monitor what and when we drink: especially when caffeine is involved. We also need to be aware of what’s happening with our blood pressure.
Aisha Taylor balances ministry and business. I’ll take you back to prior conversations, including hers.

After delving into happiness from a biblical perspective we’ll see how and why we can monitor our hearts which can be impacted by happiness.

We’ll complete this week’s examination of hypertension. Then let’s take a courageous and honest look at where America stands with regards to race and preferences.

Let’s see how the rich are living. Then let’s see if there’s a way to extend or enhance our youthfulness.

One of the greatest ways we can be fulfilled in life is by helping others. I’ll tell you how you can do this. We’ll also begin a look into ways that some of our leaders are making America’s cities fabulous as they help build community.

What else do we know about concussions? What else should we know, especially when it pertains to our children? We’ll get answers to this and then we’ll see why/how we can be happy!

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