Two of the topics we’ll explore today have to do with the way certain debt gets in the way of business start-ups and ways to work well with our canine friends.

Let’s continue to build our family bonds as parents talk real with our teens.
Later, let’s go back to a very informative and inspiring conversation I had with motivational speaker Wade Randolph.

Some of the most powerful people on earth have been some of the most humble people on earth! Let’s see why it’s still okay to live in true humility for this week’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives.
Then let’s revisit one of our guests who is a young adult inspiring young and old. Journalist, author, and motivational speaker, [...]

We’ll examine a little more about hidden racial preferences and, for Educational Matters, how libraries do and can impact the community . Then let’s take a close look at the impact of concussions and determine whether they’re really a concern and, if so, for whom?
Men and women want to enjoy sex and it helps when [...]

We’re often fascinated by the lifestyles of the rich and famous, including the ways in which they give back. We’ll look at that, how we can manage our emotions, and how and why a couple can bring their two worlds together.

Symptoms. Treatments. High blood pressure. Join me for more of this important discussion. Then let’s hear more about the study that addresses hidden racial preferences.

Are you building your courage to talk with your daughters about their bodies?
Chip and Shirley Darracort shared some great insights concerning two being one in marriage. I’ll take us back to that conversation.
I’ll also take us back to a discussion I had with Dr. Susan Cutter who helps us develop a greater appreciation for our [...]

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