In addition to developing a greater appreciation for our nation’s immigrants, we’ll see what helps students do well in class (more on that Friday) and how gratitude has a powerful impact on body and soul.

Derrick McDaniel shares great insights regarding care of our elderly.
Dr. L. Diane Bennett motivates us all with a special focus on empowering women.

Rev. Flowers and Rev. Francois discuss chaplain care and dealing with loss during the holidays while in the hospital.
Dr. John Hayes sheds light on the truth about the Confederate Flag.

Two of the discussions we’ll have today will focus on the impact of part-time employment and ways to deal with trauma.

Let’s get some power tips on health and education. Let’s also power up our marriages as we move further into making two worlds one world.

We’ll explore more ways to talk real with our teens about their lives. Then, for educational matters, we’ll see how students can do well in the classroom.

Dr. Andrea Witwer shares how children can connect with their peers who have autism.
Dr. Sam Sullivan discusses support efforts for Paine College. This is another way to help build our community.

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