I know I normally reserve Wednesday’s for Spiritual Perspectives but I want to play back a discussion I took from Genesis, the book of beginnings, as we prepare to move into the beginning of another year and, for some, a new beginning in life.
Next, Candace Haynes’ previous conversation with me is being brought back to [...]

We get a chance to become more empowered to take care of America’s young people. We’ll also explore travel opportunities for our last minute holiday travel experiences.

Let’s explore scriptures and other truth that can help us join our Creator in setting the stage for a new era, a new chapter in life.

Praise music.

More praise.

Torrin Ellis will discuss great tips on career-building and diversity-hiring while Dr. Karie Zach will discuss nutrition, especially with regards to the needs of athletes, young and older. Then, looking at food from a different angle during the holiday season, Dr. Judy Scheel will talk us through the connection between family and eating disorders.

I hope more of our teens can listen in on the discussion that centers on them.
Next, allow Melrose York and Rev. Hatfield to talk you through ways to cope with loss.

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