Can we be happy deliberately? After we look at some answers to that question we’ll go on our journey to various parts of the world as we find out more about what’s happening on earth.

Two of the subjects we’ll explore have to do with employee views of leaders and how business leaders are responding to climate change.

What do you really believe about justice in America? Is it all bad? Is it all  good? On this program I encourage everyone to be ready for real talk about the real issues of the real world. Let’s approach our discussion of justice from that angle.

Let’s see how sheep may shed light on what the future has in store for us then see what’s happening with our flying machines - the planes. Change is on the way.

Bosses, are you benefitting from your employees by tapping into their power (strengths)?
What motivates you to accomplish certain goals? Pride? A desire to conquer? A desire to help? I’ll conclude my discussion of how we can develop proper motivations as we seek to achieve good goals.

There are a number of ways we can help take care of our countrymen and it begins with caring. After we look into this together, we’ll see how we can take care of our eyes, especially ladies who are concerned about the bags under the eyes. Then we’ll continue to delve into justice in America [...]

How well do you wait? How about when waiting for God? We know it’s not always easy so I want to ask about those times when waiting for God to do what He said He’ll do is hard. How do you wait? Explore that with me today on this week’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives.
Later I’d [...]

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