Emotions can get out of control. Be careful.
Have you decided whether the Cuban embargo should be lifted?

We’ll continue to examine why some say the Cuban embargo should be continued while others disagree.
Lucie Amundsen is an expert who will help us grasp the importance of locally grown foods.

We’ll look more at views of Cuban-American relations and the embargo and more.

What can be done to help men who have fertility problems?
Our world, our country is being devastated by drugs and it may be worse than you think.

Dr. Abigail is a neuroscientist who breaks down the activity of the brain for people all over. Dr. Baird is featured on National Geographic’s Brain Games and I’ll speak with her about lust and what drives the brain wild.
Later, we’ll examine some privacy issues that may or may not bother you.

Sometimes we make it hard to move ahead by what we tell ourselves. Let’s work on that together.
Nikki Giovanni graced us with her conversation and I’ll share that rich conversation for those who may have missed it and for those who would like to hear her again.

For this week we’ll actually have Spiritual Perspectives twice: once as we continue to respond to the question “Who Is God?” and second when we revisit my previous discussion with Evangelist Ann Blair who shared great spiritual insights on relations and more.

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