Michael Jackson had one as a friend: a rodent. Let’s find out some interesting facts about them. Then let’s see who else is helping to lead the way in protecting the earth.

Does religion really do anything for us? We’ll begin to look into it today and continue on Saturday.
Do Americans want alternative energy?

Dreams can be used to take us a long way so let’s value them and move with them.

It’s time for music again and I’m going to bring back a Music 201 conversation I had with Z.

We’re going to get to this topic today - for real!

Saturday’s are great days to digest realities  of life: humorous and serious. So let’s care, get tips on keeping our babies safe, and continue our exploration of the power of religion from Tuesday.

Let’s continue to explore the stormy times of our lives and how Christ Jesus helps us through them.
Then let’s combine two of the topics so many say they don’t like to discuss: religion and politics.

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