Inspirational music for your listening pleasure as we simulcast with our sister station.

Let’s gain some more insights on one of the world’s most significant relationships. They can help our children.

With a look at Health Matters we’ll conclude an examination of medical marijuana that may help you decide your position on this issue. Then we’ll see the connection between blood donations and sight (as in vision).

Our look into the future will focus on helicopters for more of us. Then we’ll examine the very important and ongoing struggle for environmental justice.

I’ll have several topics of interest for Power Friday.
Next, Taifa Butler will join me to discuss the 2016 Georgia legislative session with a focus on budget matters. She serves as Executive Director of the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute and will help us understand the numbers behind the legislation.

Today we’ll continue to see who would be made the losers and who would be made the winners with a proposed tax plan that would transfer trillions. We’ll also conclude our look at the relation between education and political ideologies. Finally, we’ll see why our teens need our support even as we encourage them to reach [...]

For this week’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives we continue to examine the role that the peace of God can play when we’re dealing with pressure. Then let’s flow together in love as we continue to see how various acts of injustice highlight the relevance and significance of black lives and the role all Christians can take [...]

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