We’ll start the week off with the first of two discussions that we’ll have on each of two subjects. First, learning more about the critical role fathers play in developing our families and nation. Then, how we’re doing as middle class Americans. We’ll conclude discussion on our fathers Tuesday, the middle class on Saturday.

When two real Black Hawk helicopters went down in Mogadishu,  the need to survive became paramount. Former Staff Sgt. Keni Thomas was there and he recounts the story as a new series, No Man Left Behind: The Real Black Hawk Down, based on the true events, prepares to premiere Tuesday, June 28 on National Geographic Channel.
Later we’ll spend time getting [...]

Listen to this important message about false claims, discord, and  reconciliation, a re-broadcast from Sunday for those who may not be able to listen on Sunday’s.

After we see how we can take better care of our country by taking better care of our climate, let’s look into an intriguing (possible) cause of cancer.

Let’s begin a look at how race relations are faring. Then let’s observe some practical (though maybe not at the top of the mind) ways to build healthy self-esteem.

Are you or your family in the middle class? Does it really feel like it? Let’s examine that and revisit the debate about marijuana as medicine.

Today we’ll continue to see why we love and explore the state of religion in Israel.

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