There’s some irony concerning the complaint about wages and the financial struggles that many people are facing. Let’s explore that after reviewing more pros and cons about using marijuana as medicine.
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Tips on preparing children with ADHD for school success and tips on preventing Type 2 diabetes are up.
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Let’s examine how Revelation, chapters 21 and 22, inspire us to love. Then as we flow in love, let’s hear Rev. Max Wilkins discuss American responses to immigrants and immigration.
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We’re delving into an unbelievable update regarding a brutal attack in India reported several years ago and the new Medicaid proposal. If passed would it hurt or help our nation? Business inspiration is also part of the conversation mix.
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We can help our kids with ADHD prepare to succeed academically.
We can also take steps that can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Today we’ll study a relation between wages and ironic positions taken by many who fought for the current situation. Then we’ll weigh more pros and cons of medical marijuana.

Let’s take good care of our skin. Let’s also delve further into the new Medicaid proposals.

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