Dr. Steven Stosny is a renowned psychologist who is doing amazing work in the area of relationships. I’ll speak with him about the connection between our use of our brains - toddler and adult brains - and our approach to race relations.

Leonard Davis is a space journalist who has been reporting on space activities for more than 50 years. He’s the author of Mars - Our Future on the Red Planet, published by National Geographic, October 2016. His book is companion to Mars - a six-part television series which airs on the National Geographic Channel November [...]

Craig Nelson is a historian who has written Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness. In it he gives a comprehensive retelling of an event that riveted the nation: the attack on Pearl Harbor. Nelson retells the story from the perspective of Americans and Japanese. You’ll hear about missteps that contributed to the disaster and more.
Later, [...]

Who’s moving their major corporations into renewal energy?
Are you working hard for your money?

There’s a lot of debate regarding what qualifies a person to be president. For the benefit of many who follow Christ and want to know what He values, I’ll highlight a variety of qualities we should look for: from a biblical perspective rather than an ideological perspective.

Two of the topics we’ll cover today include the impact that elected officials are having on America’s ability to educate our citizens and whether medical marijuana should be legalized across the country.

Spiritual Perspectives - Let’s look at some qualifications of elected officials for those who weren’t able to be with us Friday. Then we’ll resume our discussion of the church’s connection (or lack of it) to social problems.

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