Hear what comes to you for refreshing!

Body language can be tricky but, also, understood. Diversity is beautiful! Especially when it’s embraced.

We’re continuing our examination of bewitching of Christians in the 21st century (from this past Sunday’s broadcast for those who missed it during worship service).

For the first half hour, Rev. Charles Utley will inform of us ecological matters, including some pressing local matters.

For Power Friday, let’s get tips on how to build green communities in ways you may not have thought of. Then let’s get ready to soar again.

What’s your preference: better education or more prisons? What steps can you take in recovering after intense workouts?

We’ll continue to follow the scriptures as we reveal whether 21st century Christians can be bewitched. Then let’s allow the Holy Spirit to pour so much love into our hearts that politics can’t divide us.

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