Dr. Lisa Firestone, psychologist and expert who helps us connect the dots of life, will join me to discuss the secrets of living a less stressful life.

Let’s continue to weigh the pros and cons of developing a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.
Later, Christine Miller-Betts will bring us up to speed about the Lucy Craft Laney Museum and an upcoming exhibit.

For all who missed it Sunday, that broadcast of Kingdom of Priests.

As we take another peek into the future, we’ll find out what some are projecting regarding the shape of democracy.
Ken Wytsma is president of Kilns College, lead pastor at Antioch Church, and founder of The Justice Conference. He does an outstanding job of addressing the reality of race, privilege, and justice in his book THE [...]

For this week’s Power Friday, let’s try to determine if love is stronger than politics. Then let’s soar some more.

Today we’ll pick up with our look into the future as we see how Democracy will be shaping up - or not. Then let’s discover how couples can find more pleasure with each other.

We’re continuing our exploration of God’s kingdom of priests and how Americans feel about people of various religions.

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