For Memorial Day we’ll simulcast inspirational music from our sister station, 96.9FM, Your Praise & Inspiration Station.

Parts of President Trump’s speech were beautiful as he promised to be a blessing to every social class and ethnicity. Does his position on funding for HBCU’s point towards a promise being fulfilled? We’ll examine that then see how we can help our teeth.

Today all who missed Sunday’s edition of Spiritual Perspectives can follow as we discuss God’s kingdom of priests as conveyed through the prophet Isaiah.

In addition to further examining how the Republican repeal of the America’s health coverage program would impact Americans, we’ll also find out what some of the experts are saying about the future of America.

We’re still learning how to use our brains in beneficial ways.

How to keep our teeth white and where democracy is headed in the future are two of the topics we’ll look at today.

After further considering the reality of God’s kingdom of priests, let’s examine the church’s role in promoting harmony in America.

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