Is it safe for a couple to have sex while the woman is pregnant? Can we get creative on purpose? Teen guys, do you really know about your puberty? Let’s explore the young men and puberty today and Saturday. Next week, teen girls, let’s find out what you know about your breasts.

We’re still examining the effects of the president’s proposed tax plan. Also, do nations have overall personalities that differ from other nations?

This is the re-broadcast from this past Sunday.

Dr. David Hess delivered an intriguing state of the university address at the Medical College of Georgia.
There is a connection between water and world politics and our future.

Let’s keep leading better. Then let’s get tips on parenting even more effectively.

Let’s see what numbers may tell us about our future. Then find out what experts say is happening when we empathize. Teen guys, are you ready to complete your quiz about your puberty?

Let’s gain even more understanding about salvation and courage to do what’s right.

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