When it comes to love, are there any similarities between men and women? We read and hear a lot about the differences but are there values that we hold in common? One of the problems we hear about all the time is the tough time women have finding a good man. What is not heard as loudly or as frequently is the complaint that many men have. They find it difficult to find good women. If we’re going to come to a point where we can begin to give both genders a better chance at finding happiness in their relationships, we need to start taking the complaints of one just as seriously as the complaints of the other.

In order to take the complaints of both sexes seriously, we’ll need to start accepting the reality that just as there are members of both genders who do a great job of trying to make the relationship fulfilling, there are members of both genders who do a great job of tearing a relationship apart. These are the two extremes. In the middle of these are those relationships that aren’t really fulfilling but they’re not being torn apart either. Again, the reality is that both genders have people who avoid tearing the relationship apart but, whether due to lack of understanding, desire or both, fail to help bring the relationship to the level of being fulfilling.

Tell us what people can/should do to help make the relationship fulfilling. I’ll visit with more of my comments later.