The Medical College of Georgia (MCG) has been through some changes but tremendous progress has been made and it appears that more progress is on the horizon. Mr. Don Snell, a man highly regarded for his ability to help turn around medical institutions and CEO of MCG Health, Inc., in an interview held at MCG, shared what it has taken to bring the organization up from the brink and where MCG Health, Inc. is headed.

Dr. Rahn is leading the charge on the academic side of MCG. Some of the plans have been controversial but the progress has been phenomenal. Listen to this interview which was recorded at Dr. Rahn’s office as he and Carl discuss the controversy and the progress.

In the second hour, Carl will continue with the Health Matters theme and focus on substance abuse, including signs to look for. Much of the information will be drawn from research done by experts at the National Institutes on Drug Abuse.