For quite some time Tubman Middle School in Augusta, Georgia, had been failing. The students were failing to take school or each other seriously. The school, as a whole, was failing to earn the respect of many in the city. I recently visited the school and can tell you the right leader and 6 months have made a big difference. Hallways that once seemed barely able to hold up under the pressure of loud children who filled almost every inch of the hall as they passed classes (I had also visited the school in the late 90″s when things were not so good) now relax as the students move single file – and quietly – from one class to the next.  And they made AYP this year! I sat down in the office of Dr. Wayne Frazier, the school’s new principle, as we discussed the then and now state of affairs at this great school. Listen in so you can hear how the transition came about.

I’ll continue my discussion of foods that can help improve the performance of our brains.