Man degenerating rapidly and, finally, having his language confused, the people scattered throughout the earth. Moving into different parts of the earth experiencing different climates, their physical features changing in order to adapt and survive in their new surroundings. The shapes of noses and lips of these earthen vessels, human bodies, changing to conform to the parts of the earth that they had not lived in before. Skin pigments changing in order to comply with the rules of the sun in their new environments. Unity broken but not destroyed. Living in different parts of the earth now but still living in the earth. Outwardly undergoing change, but inwardly remaining the same. Still able to experience pain and pleasure. Grief and joy. Still having a tremendous zeal to explore and discover and, yet, a willingness to just settle.

 As I look at black history I can’t help but see human history. The spreading out of mankind on the earth developing more beautiful peoples: those who remained scattered across the continent of Africa while others developed the beauty of Asian nations, European nations, the Middle East… Reviewing the history and seeing the tremendous cooperation that lead to awesome structures in all of these places while, at the same time, many of these structures were built through forced labor. Reviewing that many of these structures had very useful purposes while, in many cases, they were built to satisfy the vanity of the rulers who commissioned them. The image of the God marred, but not destroyed. Not destroyed, but certainly marred. Unity: broken but not destroyed. Not destroyed, but certainly broken.

 Military conquests, scientific discoveries, medical discoveries, amazing inventions. Mathematical genius, amazing discoveries beyond earth’s atmosphere. Tremendous archaeological finds and very beneficial counseling techniques. Superb athletes and wonderful singers and composer. Musicians who know how to really touch our souls and poets who know how to help expand our minds. – Which of the races have I just described? All of them for every race has people who have made significant contributions to the improvement of life for mankind.

 Thieves, murderers, liars, con artists. People who have used great inventions to build and those who have used great inventions to destroy. Politicians who make promises they keep so they can help and politicians who only pretended they want to help so they can destroy. Men and women who insist on being faithful to their spouses and those who demand the right to be unfaithful. Which race have I just described? All of them. For every race has people who do something listed.

Life is fairly complex. Some parents who do a great job of making it clear that they truly love their children and some who make you wonder why they ever had children. Early in mankind’s life, the divine image was marred, though not destroyed, and unity was broken, through not destroyed. When we open our hearts to the truth, we see the evidence of this in every race.

When I look into the history of the black race, I do see some aspects of life that have been somewhat unique to the black race, but, for the most part, I see a history that is intricately tied to the every other race. I see the history of every other race intricately tied to the story of the black race. All of us having one common beginning: one man one woman in one place in the earth having a great beginning but not so great a finish.

 I see peoples all making decisions as to how we’ll live in the earth that our Creator created then going into eternity in the manner dictated by our decisions made during this earthly journey. I see people of all races: each race having some who are diligently trying to develop the divine image and restore divine unity, some striving to mar the image and tear apart unity even more. I see peoples. Of all races. Each race with people who truly want what’s best for mankind and each with people who don’t.

When I look into black history, I look into the story of mankind, Of the many accomplishments of black people. I see a black man completer a successful bid for President of the United States and be embraced by people of all races: Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern… around the world while he serves as president just as he was embraced by all races around the world as he campaigned for the presidency. I see what many see. The right man for this time who   succeeded due to the wisdom and grace given to him and to all who supported him. When I look into black history, I look into the story of mankind For to me, an honest and thorough look into black history serves as one of a number of windows into human history. This look at times brings disappointment because of the broken of the unity and the marring of the image. But many times, this careful look encourages me to celebrate diversity because of the presence of the unity and of the divine image.