The local community has provided us with a host of people who have contributed richly to our lives: some behind the scenes known only by a few, others known by many. The New Bethlehem Community Center has gone through some changes over the years while doing its part to present some great local citizens. Millicent West, Executive Director, will talk about the history, the present and the future of  the center and maybe drop a few names of local greats who spent time there.

After having the audio problems of his recording resolved, Carl will replay his recording of the most recent Neighborhood Revitalization meeting. In addition to the recap of the discussions and progress made as a result of last year’s meetings, Jessie Wiles and Chester Wheeler shared some new information involving auctions and other exciting events that will be part of the revitalization of the Laney-Walker and Bethlehem communities. Listen in to be informed but also to see how you may be able to participate in the dream.