June 19th is going to be an exciting day for talk radio on Speaking With…(TM) Carl Thornton, Jr. The first hour Carl will play a recording of a conversation he recently had with Ms. Edith Diamond, one of the area’s great citizens who has been greatly involved in the community for years. The focus will be an enlightening discussion of Juneteenth, the annual June 19th celebration of the freeing of America’s slaves. Listen in as Ms. Diamond shares the multicultural dimension of this and related events.

The second hour Carl continues celebrating. But this time, the focus of attention is Father’s Day. Michael Blackwell is a Certified Addictions Counselor at Westcare. He’ll join Carl along with two of his daugthers who’ll speak with them via telephone from two different states. The conversation will center on the beauty of this truly blended family. Michael Blackwell will share his story of having been raised by his devoted stepfather, the man he calls father.  As a devoted stepfather himself, he and his daughters help form a racially mixed family and they tell the story of the daughters’ love for the man they call father.