One of the ongoing divides facing us now is the one that exists between generations. Generation X, Generation Y, the generation preparing to start receiving Social Security…We hear a lot about the challenges the different groups face especially when it comes to bringing them together.

We all live in the same country but it’s amazing how different some of our values are. While we’re assessing the differences, it’s important that we avoid despising one another and widening the divide. One thing older people can do as we learn how to work with the younger generation is consider how we have contributed to the younger generation’s world view (view of and approach to life). Both groups will need to continue to exercise humility and patience as we maneuver through the divide.

We can also embrace the beauty of success stories. They abound. One such story was told the Friday before Father’s Day on my program by Michael Blackwell and two of his daughters, one a stepdaughter, the other an adopted daughter, Ruby and Danielle, respectively. The daughters  expressed their deep love for their “father” as he expressed his love for his “daughters”. You could pick up on their love for each other  just by listening to them. Two different generations, two different races, two different genders. And from different parts of the country. Yet, theirs is a story of a bond that many families would love to have.

Share with us your own highlights of having bridged a divide.