As I talked with Tawana Williams and Kandee G, both of whom are awesome motivational/inspirational speakers, I was amazed at the emphasis  each of them placed on personal responsibility.

We were discussing the significance of pursuing and celebrating personal freedom in recognition of Independence Day and,  each guest separately (they were guests on the program Friday, July 3, at different times),  discussed the importance of taking responsibility for our lives and destinies. They reminded us of the fact that true freedom brings real responsibility.

The light Tawana and Kandee shed helped me realize even more how important that before we begin attempting to build others, we need to begin building ourselves. If we spend more time assessing our own strengths and weaknesses and learning how to benefit from the strengths while eliminating or, at least, minimizing the impact of weaknesses, how much more capable would we be when trying to help others, including family members, improve the quality of their inner lives?