Raised by a single mother and, at times, by his grandparents. Son of a one-time immigrant father, child of a broken home. Instead of giving in to the odds that were against him, he went on to excel in college and law school.

He did an outstanding job of connecting to a multicultural, multiracial group of concerned American citiezns who also included varied age groups who helped him become  president of the U.S.A.

You continue to show the significance of forgiveness as you embrace polticians who voted against you. You continue to try to encourage members with opposing polictcal ideologies to join you and others in helping to make our nation better even thouh, almost to a person, they persistently resist every good effort that you put forth.

Again, rather than feeling sorry for yourself and giving up, you continue to stand tall and fight for the measures that you have reason to believe will turn our nation around and make it better for us all.

Through it all, you continue to be an outstanding husband to your wife and a great father to your children.

President Obama, your life is a great success story. Thanks for inspiring our young people towards personal and national greatness.