How are we doing? That’s one of the questions I like to ask because I’m trying to get us, the people, as well as our leaders, to take an honest look at our positions on specific issues and determine why we’ve assumed the position(s). The goal is to encourage consistency when the position is positive and helps make us stronger as a community (locally, nationally…) but to change when our position is hurtful, ill-founded or even destructive.

President Obama has succeeded in keeping his campaign promise to give our nation meaningful healthcare reform. The benefits contained in the law will be good for us regardless of political party affilation, race, gender, or anything elses that makes us “different.” That’s the point. One nation given one healthcare law that contains clearly outlined benefits that will make quality of living accessible to all our citizens. Why, then, all the malice and display of hatred? Why so much animosity as the result of such a good law?

We understand that people have expressed worries that the plan would not be paid for. We understand the worries that the reform would increase the nation’s deficit and saddle our children and grandchildren with debt as far as the mind could see. These and other arguments seem valid. Until honest and objective financial experts make it clear that the plan is fully paid for- and give the exact cost- and make it clear that the federal deficit will be reduced by more than $100 billion in the first ten years of the law’s enactment and by more than $1 trillion dollars in the second decade. Once the true facts about these “worries” are revealed, the arguments are no longer valid. Once the supposed validity and legitimacy of the arguments have been removed, we should ask ourselves why some of our political leaders continue to insist that their “worries” are still well-founded. We, the people, should be asking ourselves why some of our political leaders continue to make points that we all know have been proven to be false. That is, if we, the people, have a genuine interest in exercising integrity.

Our own integrity is something that each of us should value even if some of our leaders don’t value their own. We should not allow ourselves to be drawn/lead into a herd reaction wherein we permit some to con us into being opposed to something that does much good and little, if any, harm. Again, when it becomes obvious that the reasons given for being opposed to the good have no real legitimacy, why align ourselves with the opposers?

We, as individuals, should always make it a point to be sincere when asking ourselves how our Creator, the Supreme Authority, God views the malicious attitudes and behaviors. Does He like what He hearing and seeing? What does He have to say about our integrity? What does He see as being the real reason for the opposition of the leaders and the “the people” who insist on opposing the good?