Dr. Jeffrey Humphreys, highly acclaimed economist at the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth, continues to be a go-to person when individuals and organizations need a better grasp of economic issues on the state and national levels. Dr. Humphreys specializes in multicultural economics issues and will tell us what lies ahead when it comes to the buying power of mainstream America and communities of color.

Our country is served by many who put their lives at risk and suffer many inconveniences that can have tremendous impacts on them and, in many cases, their families. The Veterans Administration has been stepping up its activity, especially recently, to help our nation’s soldiers and their families navigate some stormy times. In this first of an on-going discussion with V.A. representatives,  Ms. Sarah Beth Geidt and Mr. Holnick will join Carl to discuss steps the V.A. is taking to provide much-needed quality health care. Be sure to listen in so you can get information for yourself or for families you know who can benefit from this time of valuable information-sharing.